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our new papa

March 13, 2013

Watching the live coverage of the Vatican this afternoon shortly after the white smoke was announced was interesting, especially since I somehow managed to find the raw feed that was being shown on the jumbotron in St. Peter’s Square. Seeing and hearing what the people gathered were—though I didn’t understand any of the languages being spoken—made me almost feel like I was there with them! Without the commentary from a news outlet talking over the events and without someone dubbing everything said into English for me, I was able to just take in the impressions.

1. Hearing “Habemus Papam!” When Benedict was elected, I was a college freshman and too bitter about John Paul II’s death to want to accept a new pope into my life!

2. Seeing so many world flags flying. Listening to the Italians chant. They all sang a song when the band was playing, which must have been the Vatican City national anthem or something. Hearing a huge group of people sing together always makes me tear up!

3. The surprise on the pope’s face as he first looked out on a hundred thousand Catholics screaming with excitement, a small fraction of millions of people immediately kind of in love with him.

4. His smile! A cute grandfather smile.

5. The way he bowed before his congregation, clearly understood as a bow of humble service long before I figured out he’d asked the people to pray for him.

6. That some of the first words out of his mouth as Pope caused kindly laughter!

Pope Francis will have a lot to teach us, I can already tell. I already love him. Let’s learn together, darlings!

As our Papa told us earlier, good night and sleep well!

the Chickadee

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