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our new papa

Watching the live coverage of the Vatican this afternoon shortly after the white smoke was announced was interesting, especially since I somehow managed to find the raw feed that was being shown on the jumbotron in St. Peter’s Square. Seeing and hearing what the people gathered were—though I didn’t understand any of the languages being spoken—made me almost feel like I was there with them! Without the commentary from a news outlet talking over the events and without someone dubbing everything said into English for me, I was able to just take in the impressions.

1. Hearing “Habemus Papam!” When Benedict was elected, I was a college freshman and too bitter about John Paul II’s death to want to accept a new pope into my life!

2. Seeing so many world flags flying. Listening to the Italians chant. They all sang a song when the band was playing, which must have been the Vatican City national anthem or something. Hearing a huge group of people sing together always makes me tear up!

3. The surprise on the pope’s face as he first looked out on a hundred thousand Catholics screaming with excitement, a small fraction of millions of people immediately kind of in love with him.

4. His smile! A cute grandfather smile.

5. The way he bowed before his congregation, clearly understood as a bow of humble service long before I figured out he’d asked the people to pray for him.

6. That some of the first words out of his mouth as Pope caused kindly laughter!

Pope Francis will have a lot to teach us, I can already tell. I already love him. Let’s learn together, darlings!

As our Papa told us earlier, good night and sleep well!

the Chickadee

Live Feed of the Vatican

Live Feed of the Vatican:

It’s actually just nicer to listen to the Italians scream and chant while we wait for the announcement without all the commentary! (Of course, I will have no clue what they’re saying when they start, but enjoy this while it lasts!!!)

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And white smoke from the Vatican means… there is a new pope!


HABEMUS PAPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crying tears of joy!!!!!



religious liberty…

“Religious liberty might be supposed to mean that everybody is free to discuss religion. In practice it means that hardly anybody is allowed to mention it.”

G.K. Chesterton (via caitriona3)

It sure feels that way, doesn’t it? We should speak where we can, but don’t worry, darlings—they can’t silence our actions. They can’t silence how we live. Small actions add up, imagine if we all spent a couple minutes a day growing our little Virtue Trees. So be loudly alive!


“We refuse to tell teenagers not to have sex, because the only thing our culture cherishes more than…”

“We refuse to tell teenagers not to have sex, because the only thing our culture cherishes more than sexual license is avoiding the appearance of hypocrisy. And we won’t tell teenagers that sex belongs in marriage because we’ve emptied marriage of its significance to the point that it’s a hollow shell, less than a contract. (And besides, that’s totally judgmental, which is almost as bad as hypocrisy.) And so, when the dire social consequences of epidemic teen pregnancy can no longer be ignored, having absolved ourselves of any responsibility for the mess, we lay the blame in the one place it most obviously doesn’t belong. By portraying them as little bundles of life-sucking terror, we blame the babies.”

from “Blame the Babies” by Stephen White (via badwolfcomplex)

So true, but don’t let it hold you down. There are many things in this world that need to change, and we need to look them in the face. But with God’s help, we can do something about them!


too old or too young

“People spend the first half of their lives saying they’re too young for that stuff. Then they spend the second half of their lives saying they’re too old for that stuff. People live their lives in a quiet desperation. Do not say you are too old. Do not say you are too young.”

Matthew Kelley


what we suffer

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